WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE. Come and experience the peace and tranquillity of this beautiful place where I live in rural Leicestershire . My massage will help you forget the stresses and strains that life throws at you.. I have been a qualified massage therapist for over 30 years so I am a mature lady. I am passionate about what I do  and the wellbeing and comfort of my clients are very important to me, so your massage is done to a very high standard in a clean and comfortable invironment. It is a beautiful, relaxing, naturist massage, free from any clothing. Your body will be gently soothed in non scented oil before I start so that my soft hands can flow continuously without a break giving a sensual and relaxing feeling. I massage every part of your body for a maximum experience including an Indian head massage .If you are ticklish and do not want your feet massaged then just let me know. Your time spent with me will be about an hour, I don't clock watch so we might go over. Your welcome to have a shower before and after where there are soft white towels for you to use.If you have time we can sit and have a cup of tea or coffee before your massage.  Parking isn't a problem, the drive is secluded and very private . Please take the time to read all my pages , hopefully they will answer any questions you might have.